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Lost Nation is a post-apocalyptic comic adventure created by Antony Bailey and Adam Gomm. The story follows the character of John Murray as he battles a fanatic infestation of cultists and religious zealots, and perhaps the very forces that have come to save him... England is overrun with mindless hordes, burning and sacrificing their way through the streets and countrysides, and with the armed forces either overseas or paralyzed by indecision, the government calls on help from their American allies. Instead of the Army, however, a more sinister force appears. What does this so-called "Private Security Corporation" want? And what can they really do to stop the sudden, rising tide of undead now flowing down from the north west counties? Read on...

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The story so far... Murray escapes the city centre with his new-found friend, the survivor Chris Gillespie, and makes his way to the train station in hope of finding some safety and maybe a route out of the area altogether. What he finds instead are a group of corporate-hired irregular soldiers, commanded by a veteran Major. Not only that, but a huge demonic beast attacks, only to be cut down by an ancient warrior who claims to protect the boundaries between Earth and Hell. Hot on their tails is a being known only as the Dark Messiah; undoubtedly the cause of the undead infestation and the demonic appearances. The ancient warrior and this Antichrist fight whilst Murray and the Irregulars escape, but Chris is wounded by the warrior and most of the Irregulars, including their leader, are killed. The dark warrior then sacrifices himself in a huge explosion in an attempt to kill his opponent. The shockwave derails the Irregulars armoured train and levels the city.

Coming to a halt near a small town, Murray, Ziggy and Bloomfield appear to be the only survivors, with others dead in the wreckage or being devoured by the now ever-present zombie hordes. The trio escape into the streets. Meanwhile, the Dark Messiah has been reprimanded by his unseen masters for wasting valuable time, and is given the power to raise a great citadel, which becomes a focus for the demonic energies now flooding into the real world. At the town, Murray and company find an abandoned refugee station and army encampment, and take shelter in a nearby chapel to rest and recuperate...

After a brief interlude, the group is attacked by a large number of cultists who have kidnapped survivors from the train wreck, including Chris who is displaying abnormal powers tranferred to him by The Dark One. Executing one of thier captives, the cultists open fire on the church but are ambushed by Westerson and counter-attacked by Murray. Only the cultist leader escapes, and he weaves a spell using the blood of his fallen comrades to open a portal into a dark realm...

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